The final prototype of the Aqualyte Pro kayak has just completed its sea and water trials and the company are now fully committed to a launch in early 2017.

The Aqualyte Pro is nothing less than a revolutionary milestone in the sport of kayaking. It has fully achieved its brief of a 30% weight reduction against the previous Polyethylene kayak range, and beyond this the prototypes have clearly demonstrated that improvements have been made In every department.

Professional kayak instructor Steve Holland has tested the craft and had this to say: ‘Stability, comfort, straight line speed and tracking are all key features of this kayak. I am simply staggered at the performance levels and also with the durability – my brief was to test the prototype to destruction yet in reality I didn’t even manage to scratch it!’

Channel Kayaks CEO Byron Baker Brown comments: ‘ The Aqualyte Pro is a tribute to all my R&D team and is the most important development in the history of my company. We have made a top quality product that is light enough to be lifted onto car roofs or carried to the water single handed, yet at the same time it out-performs anything currently on the market, at any price’

The launch of the Aqualyte Pro, which precedes an entire new range of kayaks using the revolutionary lightweight material, is set for early 2017. Channel Kayaks Ltd have plans to introduce the craft to the water-sports world at every level. Marketing Director Chris Ogborne said: ‘Clearly we have produced a product that is revolutionary and it looks set to become the aspirational kayak for everyone involved in the sport, fishing or leisure sectors. We will still maintain our policy of selling direct to the consumer, which means that they can buy into the very highest quality boat at a price other manufactures can only dream about. 2017 looks like being the year for some dramatic changes in our rapidly evolving sport’.

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