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Avon Valley Round Trip


Location: Avon Valley Wildlife Park
Minimum Group Size: 4 People

Pricing (including hire of all equipment):

Adult: £35 per person
12 & Under: £20 per person

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This 2 hour trip will expose you to all of the delights of some of the most beautiful stretches of the river Avon available. Be prepared to be stunned by the wildlife along the route. Kingfishers, herons, swans, fish, cattle, dragonflies, damselflies, otters, voles, even a terrapin and a myriad of other wildlife in the area throughout the seasons can be seen.

You will be guided and instructed by a member of the Channel Kayaks team as you meander your way from Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park on a 6 seat Channel Kayaks Katakanu, reaching Swineford Lock before turning around to head back.

Our Katakanus are extremely buoyant and super stable and so suitable for even the most nervous of paddlers and beginners.

This 2 hour guided and instructed adventure paddle is just £35 per head for adults and £20 per head for those 12 years and under for a minimum of 4 persons and includes hire of buoyancy aids / life jackets.

Pre-book only.

To book your adventure now or to discuss a custom built Katakanu trip or optional extras such as paddle boarding and battle archery, please contact us today.

By participating in the this event you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions and disclaimer:

You will wear a buoyancy aid at all times throughout the paddle while on or immediately adjacent to the water. Any persons failing to do so may be asked to leave the event for their own safety and for the safety of others with no refund due.

You will adhere to any reasonable direction given before or during the event by a member of Channel Kayaks.

You agree to act in a way that will maintain the queen’s peace throughout the event and ensure that you remove any personal items after the event, including your own rubbish, leaving the site in a clean state.

You will make Channel Kayaks aware of any medical condition that may have any sort of bearing on your participation in this charity event. Any such information will be treated with strictest confidentiality and only passed on to necessary parties, such as medical staff, should the situation arise.

You declare that you have not suffered from any form of gastric illness within 7 days leading up to this event.

You will not take part in the event if you are under the influence of drink or drugs, whether prescribed or not, that may affect your ability to safely participate.

You acknowledge, appreciate and agree that there is a risk of damage or injury from the activities that you are about to undertake. You knowingly and freely assume all such risks and you assume full responsibility for your participation in these activities and understand and agree that these activities have inherent risks and dangers and your participation in such activities and / or use of any equipment may result in injury or illness including but not limited to, bodily injury, disease, strains, fractures, partial and or total paralysis, death or other ailments that could cause serious disability.


We are strong believers that paddling should be fun, hence our guides pick safe locations with wonderful possibilities for scenery, exploration and wildlife. If you are a little nervous, then rest assured that our KataKanus offer maximum comfort, stability and buoyancy, and all of our trips are accompanied by members of the Channel Kayaks team. All necessary equipment is provided for you to enjoy a safe and memorable trip.

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